The project includes the destruction and reconstruction of the pavilion 6 and the edtion of a ground plane projecting the evolution of the Heureux Séjour site in Courcelles.
The current position of the pavilion 6 located at the entrance doesn't allow the visual and physical connexion with the center of the site (garden, orchard,etc.). The new location allows a better integration to the site and the enhancement of the environment.

  • Location: Courcelles
  • Programme: RNH of 30 beds I Day center of 15 places
  • Surface Area: 2.520 m²
  • Year: In progress
  • Association: Pirnay sa I Poly Tech Engineering I Genie Tec Belgium sprl
  • Market: Public
  • Client: ISPPC
  • Other: Low energy: K25

The futur pavilion 6 is organised on 2 levels and includes 2 accommodation units and a day care center. The reception has its own garden as well as the rest home's activities rooms that are opened on large terraces and a garden comprising nice walks, a vegetable garden, petanque, etc.

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