Construction of a child neuro-psychological platform and a paediatric outpatient department.

  • Location: La Louvière
  • Programme: Neuro psychological forum for children I Ambulatory service of the pediatric service
  • Surface Area: 1.600 m²
  • Year: Contest of 2017
  • Status: Contest finalised
  • Association: CPI Architecture sprl I Greisch sa
  • Market: Public
  • Client: CHU Tivoli

The program plans the construction of a platform including 4 structures for consultations, 1 administrative structure and 1 reception structure for the patients.

Our project propose the realisation of a building on stilts, besides the particularly interesting financial aspect, it allows the landscape integration. The absence of an inside-outside boarder and the presence of threes in the building give it a lightness that is increased by the white facades. It constitutes a landmark at the entrance of the site of the CHU.

The building, standing on concrete stilts, is a wooden frame construction. It is a white parallelepiped covered with sun protections integrated on the exposed facades.

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