• Location: Ath
  • Programme: Public parking I Public space
  • Surface Area: 8.500 m²
  • Year: 2006 - 2008
  • Market: Public
  • Client: La ville de Ath

The revitalization program of the Rebaix square and its annexes roads led us to:
• Introduce structural clarity in the organization of spaces and circulations: the place in the middle, the roads in the periphery, and breathable open spaces ... with immediate corollary securing people and children;
• Correct the effect of receding;
• Don't neglect any symbolic aspects: War Memorial (memorial plaque, monument), the development of the church itself and the religious statue;
• Don't neglect any functional aspects: the multi-purpose uses of the place (ball game, market, cultural and folklore events, Ducasse, Children's playground...), the needs of parking for all occasions (ordinary and extraordinary...), improving the attractiveness and viability of the HORECA sector, traffic...

Architectes P Debaeke - MS Hubert - D Daive

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