Our reflexion for this project takes into account the program and the site requirements: the works consist in joining in a unique site the 2 institutions of the PSAC of Gembloux: the St Joseph Home (70 beds and 5 assisted living residences apartments) and the Charmille (71 beds).

  • Location: Grand-Leez
  • Programme: RNH with 150 beds
  • Surface Area: RNH 8.305 m²
  • Year: In progress
  • Status: Building permit
  • Association: DDV sprl I Fally sa
  • Market: Public
  • Client: PSAC Gembloux I PSAC Grand-Leez
  • Other: Low energy: K25

The works are planned in 3 phases with the construction of the 2 extensions and the interior renovation of the existing wing.

We propose a tool that constitues a sustainable answer to every one's expectations :
• For the residents : a comfortable living place with social activities (for all type of physical dependance)
• For the personnel : a lot of space and a functunial organisation to ensure all interventions (technique, care, etc.) in a rational way, efficient in a well being athmosphere.

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