About us

A fair, contemporary and sustainable architecture

ETAU Architects is an architectural office founded in the 1960s, specializing in the design and management of large-scale projects, both in the public and private sector.

EA covers many areas of architecture: healthcare, housing, offices, collective equipment and urban architecture.

Today the design of EA is moving a softer architecture, for a fragile public, ranging from early childhood to the third age, including projects for creches, accommodation centers for disabled people, hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes.

Our architectural expression is contemporary and fair, reflecting a sensitive approach to the relationship between man and his environment while having a special and permanent attention on the technical management and the economy of the project.


The team

EA is a team on a human scale which allows it to establish privileged relations with its clients in order to meet their expectations and objectives.

DAIVE Damien Associate
HUBERT Marie-Sophie Associate Admin
COSME Freddy Architect
DURRI Dalina Trainee architect
GUNDES Dikran Architect
JEANJEAN Claire Architect
LAMBERT Thomas Architect
LAMBREVA Hristina Architect
NAESSENS Thomas Architect
PREVITERA Rossella Architect
PROKOPAKI Maria Architect
SIRJACOBS Emmanuel Architect
TORCINI Valentina architect