Mouscron I Works in progress
Nursery for 60 children

Full mission

60 children
980 m2
Estimated budget : 1.400.000 € HTVA

The project located in Mouscron, consists in the construction of a nursery for 60 children. The quality of the spaces organisation is determinant for the well being of the children. This building will be:

- a place for exchange between users, children and adults:
- a place for community life for the different groups
- a protective place thanks to fluid, warm and easy to watch spaces
- a place for education with adapted scales and appropriate furniture
- a stimulating place thanks to luminous living rooms and visually connected spaces



PO : CPAS de Mouscron
Contract : public
Subsidiation : Plan Marshall 2.Vert
Subcontracting : BKTS SCS I ST sa I CPC sprl

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