Ath I In progress
Urban revitalisation

Full mission in association with BAE NOTTE

12.300 m2
Estimated : 1.842.000 € HTVA

The project consists in the development of the urban area surrounding the plot formed by the Sucrerie street and the Entrepôt dock.

The objective is to transform this place into a nice walk by the canal and initiate a global reflexion about the revalorisation of the Dendre banks.

The project propose:

- the restitution of the Entrepôt Dock to the pedestrians and cyclist by the suppression of the roadway and the development of a promenade for pedestrians and cyclists (RAVEL)
- the reconstitution of the landscape by a mineral and vegetal development that define traffic and rest areas and enhance the canal's banks
- the creation of a pedestrian connexion in the heart of this new neighbourhood, thanks to a walkway towards the train station and the center of ATH
- the development of a square at the entrance of this new neighbourhood, the Ecluse square, a space open to the canal and the shops.

PO : Ville d'Ath

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