Place d'Ostiches

OSTICHES | 1999 - 2000
Development of the Ostiches square

Urban development |
Full mission

8000 m2

The Ostiches square is composed as a set of interesting buildings from the 19th century along the interregional road Ath- Vloesberg.
At the beginning of the project, the space was sacrificed to the car, and no obstacles can really stopping the flow velocity.
The project aimed to reverse this " balance of power " and restore pedestrian function and give to public and private buildings importance and adequate treatment.

New development consisted of:
- Redesign the site following a simple path that affirms the predominance;
- Correct the alignment of the road and create three entries instead of trays, to slow speed and ensure greater security.

Taking into account the village reality, the study aims to keep a balance between the need to " schedule " redevelopment, without going too far in sophistication means.

The route of the new set incorporates drawing a ball game, whose boundaries are marked by the same design space.

PO : Ville d'Ath
Contract : public
Subsidiation : la Wallonie
Architects P Debaeke - MS Hubert

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