De Frahan

UCCLE | 2010 - 2012
Construction of duplex with workshop

Construction |
Architecture mission

2 duplex + 2 workshop
440 m2
Passive building : K 18

The project, located Beau Sejour street, includes the construction of a building in front (facing the street between adjoining buildings) consists of two houses and the construction of two workshops in an existing building located at the rear of the plot.
The ground floor hosts the main entrance of the apartments and two outside parking spaces, covered by the volume of housing.
The two two-bedroom apartments are organized in duplex.
The rear building is completely renovated and divided into two workshops with mezzanine.

The front building is designed to meet the passive standard.

PO : M.H.De Frahan
Contract : private
Architects P Debaeke - MS Hubert - D Daive

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