TOURNAI | 2010 - 2012
Internal medecine

Renovation-Extension |
Architecture mission

1050 m2

Current Clinique Notre-Dame comes from grouping old Clinique Saint-Georges Notre Dame maternity, on the site of the last one. Buildings that compose it result from successive juxtapositions (14 phases between 1964 and 2017) around the first buildings completed in 1960.
The general organizational structure and outline of the plan have been set taking account both of the extreme smallness of plots and small size allowed inside the historic area of the city, while already anticipating the future development needs, which growth is underlined by the master plan.
This project is divided in 14 phases, this part are the phases 11 and 12. It's a complete renovation and restructuring of trays with complete interior emptying, exposure of the structural skeleton and maintaining of existing facades.

Phase 11: Putting up a prefabricated office and changing rooms block, restructuring level 0 block L in Internal Medicine consulting and general reception hall.

Phase 12: Restructuring level 0 blocks H1 and H2 in general reception hall, administrative areas, emergency and kitchen extensions, new cafeteria construction.

PO : asbl CHwapi
Contract : privé
Phases : 2 (n°11 and n°12)
Architectes P Debaeke - MS Hubert - D Daive

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