Couillet I In progress
3 units for disiorented person

Construction of a new wing

Project Design Built in association with DHERTE
45 lits UPD
3600 m2
Low energy
Estimated budget : 6.000.000 €

The existing rest home is not valued or optimised. Numerous points are penalizing it in spite of an interesting site and a strong potential.

The project is located in the actual place of the home but creates through its shape, a friendly place different from the massive existing building.

The ground floor, including the welcome desk and other functions open to the public, is a clear and fluid space towards inside the plot planted and southing.

"Disorientation is the result of a perturbation of the perceptions of space and time"

Thus, the floors are controlled spaces open on the outside and luminous (4 orientations) for the residents to be conscious of the evolution of the day and their environment. Rooms are organised around a central living room and allow an ambulation around this space.

PO : PSAC Charleroi
Contract : public
Special building techniques : PEC
Health and safety coordination : GENIE TEC

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