FLORENVILLE | In progress
Rest and nursing home

Construction |
Full mission
Temporary association with DDV sprl and ALTEMA scprl

97 beds
6.022 m2
Vicinity : 10.750 m2
Low energy : K 25
Estimated budget : 9.450.000 € HTVA

The basis of the architectural option rests on the willing to maintain, at the most, the woody nature of the site. The wood and the trees are the only architecture that matter. Their monumental and coherent character constitutes the project.
From the street, the new building seems to be a low building R+1+roof, located in the wood. The wood has been redefined with a minimum of tree cutting to ensure the view towards the Semois Valley. The new building is designed to help the continuation built between the old building and the new one. The new rest home develops in a star shape allowing to create a village market, a place for animation and encounters for the inhabitants.

Respecting energy concepts that we desire for this project, our architectural desire is to obtain simple materials and shades for the entire facades in order to melt the building into the woody background.
The entire site is harmonious, discreet and coherent with the environment.

Subcontracting: Structure engineering (CIEX Legrand scrl) | Special building techniques (BETEC sprl) | Health and safety coordination (GENIE TEC sa)


PO : PSAC Florenville
Contract : public
Financial support : la Wallonie
Subcontracting : BETEC sprl I CIEX I GENIE TEC sprl
Pierre Debaeke Architecte, associé jusqu'en 2013 - Marie-Sophie Hubert Architecte, Damien Daive Architecte

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