Bois d'Havre

HAVRE | Construction in progress
Assisted living residence with possible extension

Construction |
Full mission

25 + 15 apartments
2.380 m2
Low energy : K 27
Estimated budget : 3.700.000 € HTVA

The site is dominated by the new nursing home whose massive architecture imposes its heavy stress on the wooded area from the rest of the site.
We chose a set of small individual bungalow houses with a village typological organization which community building occupies the place in the center of the project.
Covered pedestrian streets connect houses to the community building.

This small village also includes some accommodations:
- A "center", represented by the community hall, meeting place and community activities space;
- A "place", outside protected area, where you can organize games and small performances;
- Common green spaces, lawns and plantings, open onto house's private terraces;
- The "external parking places", which leave the car outside the village.

Subcontracting: Structure engineering (ST sa) | Special building techniques and EPB (TSPEC sprl)

PO : PSAC Mons
Contract : public
Financial support : la Wallonie
Subcontracting : TSPEC I St sa I CPC sprl
Pierre Debaeke Architecte, associé jusqu'en 2013 - Marie-Sophie Hubert Architecte, Damien Daive Architecte

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