Val d'Orbais

Perwez | In progress
Rest and nursing home | Assisted living residence

Construction |
Temporary association with DDV sprl

RNH : 135 beds
ALR : 20 apartments
10.500 m2
Very low energy : K 25
Estimated budget : 17.500.000 € HTVA

Three big principles have guided the project :
- a global landscape integration of the whole building plot ;
- an implantation that integrates the slope of the field, maintaining a volume in adequation with the environment built in ground + 1 ;
- the location of the assisted living residence close to the houses and the rest home near the hockey field and the Wavre lane.

The project plans the implantation of two separate building on the site : one for the rest home and one for the assisted living residence. The residence enjoys private gardens and is also connected to the rest home's gardens. A gallery integrated in the slope of the field ensure a connexion with the rest home for the residents and the personnel.

The space dedicated to the residence is located on the north part of the site. The composition is heavy and rational, the outdoor spaces, gardens, parkings, accesses are grouped in order to maximize the space while preserving the comfort of the residents. The rest home scheme is more open. A main circulation space begins at the entrance of the rest home and is extended along the field. The different units and functions are located along this route. The green central space contains all outdoors installations for both buildings (walks, water source, petanque fields, etc.)

Technical features:
Forced-air mechanical ventilation | High isolation envelop | cogeneration | recycling rainwater.

PO : Chapitre XII Val d'Orbais
Contract : public
Financial support : la Wallonie

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