PLOEGSTEERT | In progress
Rest and nursing home|
Assisted living residence

Construction |
Full mission
Temporary association with ARCADIS BELGIUM sa (Stabilité | Techniques spéciales)

70 beds RH/RNH SS
30 apartments ALR
7.000 m2
low energie : K 30
Estimated budget : 4.750.000 € HTVA

The site, rural and characterized by an urbanism organized along the road, guided the choice of low height size (R +1). For the RH, conceptual guidelines were:
- Continuity of buildings along the road
- Organization of car park and access to services at the street front, so as to minimize the car servicing in situ.
- Organization of living spaces toward southeast clearing perspectives on fields around a central space, the "village square".
- Penetration of natural light deep into the building.
To the Assisted living residence:
- Implementation in depth, in relation to existing elderly houses, but also in functional relationship with the RH.

MP : PSAC Comines-Warneton
Contract : public
Financial support : la Wallonie
RH/RNH : 60 beds
ALR : 30 apartments
SS : 10 beds
DC : 15 places

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